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Terme Caronte

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For over two thousand years, the healing waters of the Reventino Mountain springs have healed the indigenous peoples of the area, as well as the Greeks, the Romans and the Normans, in this idyllic sanctuary overlooking the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia, located in the heart of Calabria.

The sulfurous waters of the thermal springs of Caronte are perfect for healing various physical ailments and are noted for their natural temperature of 39ºC, which allows the water to be left in it’s most natural and purest state during treatments. The most important of these natural springs, Terme, lends its name to the spa itself.

The Spa is located in the midst of the protected “Difesa Mitoio Caronte” parkland, nestled in a wooded valley full of ancient oak, chestnut and pine trees. Situated just a few kilometers from the sea and only 240 meters above sea level, the Terme Caronte benefits from a mild climate all year round.
Terme Caronte is a modern spa dedicated to satisfying the needs of its customers. We strive to strike a perfect balance between the latest technology and a full appreciation of our rich historical and cultural heritage.
The Spa benefits from a state of the art “Well being” zone, dedicated to relaxation, improving one’s general health and the treatment of blemishes through the rich, revitalizing mud baths. The Terme Caronte Spa provides an ideal place to prevent, treat and cure skin ailments in a pure, natural and welcoming environment.


Treatments Include:

Treatments for children
Respiratory Problems
Aural Conditions
Rheumatoid arthritis
Dermatological Treatments
Gynecological Treatments
Rehabilitation Treatments.
Our rehabilitation treatments are designed to work with our crenotherapy treatments, in order to speed up the patient’s recovery from chronic and disabling diseases. The treatments are recommended especially for those who suffer from respiratory and pulmonary problems. Suggested treatments: pulmonary ventilation aims to
Increase the air flow to the lungs (with every breath the quality of the air in-take will increase)
Facilitate the elimination of pulmonary liquid secretion, which can stagnate in the bronchi
Improve the efficiency of the respiratory muscles
Chronic bronchitis
Asthmatic bronchitis

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