It doesn’t always get a good press, Calabria, that rocky toecap of Italy that looks ready to drop-kick Sicily right between the Balearics. In Roman times Virgil claimed that “the entire Calabrian coast is inhabited by evil Greeks”. Over the ensuing centuries it has earned a reputation for malaria, mafia and murderous earthquakes.

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Photo by kawa0711

Later writers have been equally unkind, in Carlo Levi’s Christ Stopped At Eboli, Calabria is described as “that other world, hedged in by custom and sorrow . . . where the peasant lives out his motionless civilisation on barren ground, in remote poverty, and in the presence of death”.

Fantastic, right? Even more reassuringly, I can see exactly what Levi means by the presence of death. I’m in a car driven by…

tropea photo

Photo by CRUSTINA!