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Cantine Statti - Wine Tour

Language is wine upon the lips
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Cantine Statti – Wine Tour

'Language is wine upon the lips'

Fancy a ‘Cantine Statti Wine Tour’ read here for more information:

The ancient name of Calabria, “Enotria Tellus” (“Land of Wine”), offers a straightforward introduction to this fascinating land, which has always been dedicated to producing wines.

For over two thousand years the agricultural history of Calabria has been entwined with the wine one and since 1700 the family of Baron Statti has been living in the same five hundred hectares. The great variety of the local vines represents a great heritage to be found and valued again.

Statti family has been played an important role for Calabrian economy and since now Alberto and Antonio Statti have been choosing to value the deep bond with the history and the tradition of their own land with a look always towards the future and the innovation.

Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour
Cantine Statti Wine Tour

Visiting our company means becoming part of a modern reality but with ancient, especially human rhythms.

It means enjoying a break of peace and nature walking among hundreds of hectares of silent olive groves and leafy vineyards, among squirrels, badgers and marsh birds, an entire ecosystem gathered in five hundred hectares.

And again, visit the oil mill, in operation four months a year, and the modern and efficient winery and the suggestive underground Barricaia where the barrels and barriques host the vintage selections chosen by expert winemakers, refining them until they are shipped around the world. Walk the corridors between the stables, to see the dairy cows and their calves; the vet at work with two or three parts per day; milking, twice a day.

And finally taste the fruit of a lot of work and energy: oil, milk, wine, together with other simple delicacies of our land, guests of our Emporium, or in the delicious Degusteria, where occasionally you can have lunch with the good and simple things of our land .

You will be accompanied by those of us who best know the complexity of the holistic company in order to revive and enjoy it, giving you all the information to be able to fully understand its meaning.

Contact our Wine Tourism Manager to book a ‘cantine statti wine tour’ visit except Saturday and Sunday.

On request it is also possible to organize “food and wine educational”.

Spoken languages: Italian and English

Paola A. Scuticchio Enotourism

mob: +39.329.0082285


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